The Walking Dead Issue 115 Cover Letters

In October 2003, the first issue of the monthly Comic book “The Walking Dead” was issued by Image Comics. Created by Robert Kirkman and initially illustrated by Tony Moore and then by Charlie Adlard from issue #7 onwards. The comic book series has become one of comic history’s biggest sellers, received critical acclaimed and has won industry awards, however it was the production of AMC’s TV Series, based on the comic, starting in October 2010 and now into it’s third series, that has added a whole new fanbase to the monthly comic series, which is now into the low 100’s and along with it, a large number of collectors who are willing to pay significant sums for early editions that has made the series now very collectible. Here I will attempt to highlight the more collectible editions and the ones to look out for, these are often editions that feature the first appearance of an important character or a major plot change. The joy of comic collecting is pleasure of owning something that has awesome artwork, amazing covers and gripping storylines and if you’re lucky, something that can become very valuable. So you never know, maybe lurking in a garage/car boot sale or even procured at a reasonable price on eBay, you could find yourself in possession of something that is a pretty good investment! It’s worth noting that Image Comics issued a reprint of the Series from #1 to #52 starting January 2011 on the back of the popularity of the TV Series, in most cases, it is the first print edition’s that are referred to here (On the cover, top left below the Image Comics logo, there will be “Second Printing” to indicate so, the first print just have the logo). However, to be fair, the second print editions should also appreciate in value and some honourable mentions of this are given below. Hard to say whether the comics will hold their value over time, but I would imagine they will stay pretty firm but as with all commodities, there may be some fluctuation with new TV Season etc.

Issue 115

Release Date

October 9, 2013


1 of 6 (Volume)
1 of 12 (Story Arc)

Issue 115 is the one-hundred-fifteenth issue of Image Comics' The Walking Dead and the first part of Volume 20: All Out War - Part One and the "All Out War" story arc. It was published on October 9, 2013.


Rick wakes up and goes to the bathroom to wash his face. "So today's the day?", asks Andrea. Rick replies that it is and admits that they haven't been in any conflict like this before. He pauses for a moment before also stating they can't have a war without casualties. Andrea claims that they've "been at war since the beginning." Rick proceeds to tell her something he's never told anyone before; he's had doubts about himself and what he can do. Although people always have assumed that he has everything worked out, he almost got himself killed and feels burdened by Paul's statement about being a leader people can follow, one who can rebuild the world; "I haven't done a very good job at that." Andrea reassures Rick that what makes him different is that he keeps trying despite everything around him and "whatever comes of this... it'll be worth it."

At the same time, Ezekiel gets up and thanks Michonne for letting him stay at her place. With a smile on her face she says this didn't mean anything, but he replies that neither of them know that for sure. Michonne admits there is potential for something but right now, it doesn't. Ezekiel says that he can work with that. While they are downstairs having coffee, there's a knock on the door and Ezekiel's head of security, Richard, says that the men from The Kingdom have arrived and are ready to go.

Eugene is in the factory with some workers and tells Rick that two additional cases of ammo are close to being finished, adding to what they had already made. Rick thanks Eugene for all the work that he and the others have done in making the ammo to help them in the upcoming war.

Rick, Paul and Ezekiel call one final meeting to make sure all the details have been worked out. Both Paul and Ezekiel say their respective units are ready and the meeting adjourns. Rick assembles the troops and requests that some of them come with him to The Sanctuary while the rest prepare to defend Alexandria when The Saviors come. Carl asks Andrea if she's going; she replies not right away and she'll be here to help defend the walls. Carl gets worried that she's going to take his spot, but Andrea says that "it's [his] show." Rick hugs both of them, promising that he'll be back as soon as possible. As the fighters gear up, Paul tells Rick that he's "nervous as hell" about what might happen; Rick replies that he is as well and that, for the beginning, they'll have to contend with snipers. Ezekiel arrives and says his men were reminded and are ready; Rick tells them to get into position.

After arriving at The Sanctuary, Rick fires two shots and demands for Negan to come out. Rick says that they will no longer give supplies to The Saviors and offers a truce between The Saviors and the three communities. Negan refuses and reveals that he has Gregory with him. Negan makes Gregory say that the Hilltop is not standing with the survivors, but with The Saviors.




  • First appearance of Richard.
  • First appearance of John.
  • This issue was the best-selling comic book of 2013, with over 310,000 copies sold.[1][2]
  • Issue 115 has 16 covers; one standard cover, ten connecting covers, a blank cover for sketching, one variant for New York Comic-Con, 2 variants that were released at midnight, and a cover that was released with the second printing of this issue. The ten connecting covers represent the ten years of the series.[3]
  • This issue represents numerous firsts for the Comic Series.
    • The first issue to have Stefano Gaudiano and Dave Stewart involved in the artwork.
    • The first issue to feature a new textured The Walking Dead logo on the cover.
    • The first issue to have alternative flashback covers.[4]
    • The first issue of the "All Out War" story arc to have no character deaths, alive or zombified.
    • The first issue whose cover shows a character who doesn't appear in the issue itself nor is mentioned in it, said character being Dwight.
  • Rick reintroduces his old rule from issue #17: "You kill. You die."
  • This issue marks Carl Grimes 100th appearance and Eric's 25th appearance.



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