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  1. Hi all. Ok so i graduated from sixth form! YAY

    So now i have my ICT course work just lying around and decided to share it with all of you.

    i received a 100%. 70/70 so i bet it will be of great use for you. There are a few spelling error and grammatical error though. I hope that doesn't bother you much

    Here is the link to my course work:

    If you have any questions or comment, please feel free to drop by

  2. Wow did you really get 100% for it? .. That's impressive. What did you get as your overall A-Level grade?

    Thanks for sharing, this will be of much use

  3. I got an A* For ICT, and yes i did get a 100% for it.

    here is some advice i can give:
    - Follow the marking criteria. AND the description for each section. This is very important and is not to be over looked. Eg
    I have a attached the marking sheet to this post and to the original post for you to download.

    - Second
    I would recommend you use the titles or headings which I have used as these are the ones which stick very closely to the marking sheet.

    - Third
    After finishing each section, make sure you covered what the marking grid asks. Once you are convinced that you will get a 100% for that section. ASK a teacher to mark that section. If you have any thing missing, FIX it before moving to the next section. Most students in my class thought that they will come back later and fix it. Trust me, it did more harm than good. Jumping around your course work causes you to miss important point and causes a lot of contradiction in your work which can cost you easy marks.

    - Fourth
    If possible, HAVE A REAL CLEINT, this will significantly improve your chances to get a 100%. If you make up a client in your head and make up a scenario in your head, over the long run, this will reflect in your course work because out of no where you might add something extra. Example, you might add a client requirement which doesn't solve or even relate a problem you mention during the analysis and investigation stage of your course work. So please please please try and find a real client. A tip to find one is ask a staff in your school to be your client. Many of them will be wanting something or the other which you can work on.

    - Fifth Document everything you do relating to the system you are working on. Like while building it, you will probably go to your client to cross check if everything so far you did is up to expectations. This really adds lots and lots of value to your work. AND to document it, mention in a line or two like "at this point i felt the need to cross check with my client if everything that's built so far is up to his expectation" Here is the transcript of our meeting........ YES include the transcript. You have to prove by showing evidence you actually had the meeting and didn't just throw that line in there.

    - Sixth (a reiteration of point 5) if you mention you did anything significant, always evidence them. Things like "i had a meeting, i investigated the current paper based system, i tested this feature, also credit sources of any thing you use to avoid plagiarism, eg Google chrome is used by 36% of the population. (show a screen shot and mention its source)
    For Section: background and investigation
    One of the criteria is about the current system and this is how the marks are allocated to it

    now as u can see to get a full 3 marks on that u MUST have the information it asks for. Don't think "nah, its a rly small thing, ill get away with that"

This unit provides you with the opportunity to complete a substantial project involving the productionof an ICT-related system over an extended period of time. In so doing, you will enhance your transferable practical skills. It is important for your project to have a level of complexity and demandappropriate to the second year of an A Level. Regular involvement of the end-user is essential to thesuccess of the project. You will need to provide evidence to verify this.

The following may help to illustrate the range of possible projects that could be undertaken. Theyshow how you might be able to work on an




 project whilst still producing an

individual project report

 that has your

own work clearly identified


You may, for example, produce…

a software solution such as an e-commerce or multimedia system

a training system, including training materials for a client. This could, for example, be for acourse for someone working from home

a user support system, such as for a user help desk in a company or school/college, or a faultlogging system

a system for ensuring the security of an organisation’s ICT systems. An idea here would be toformulate a policy to specify appropriate use of a company or a school’s/college’s laptopcomputers and other mobile devices, or a database to record usage

a system for communication within an organisation: for example, for how schools could usetechnology to communicate with students within the school or a communal diary system

a system for evaluating new software to be purchased or for a new system to be installed,including hardware, software, communications, consumables and services

a backup and recovery system and a disaster recovery plan for an organisation

a system for managing relationships with customers

Working together (with clients and other students)

It is intended that you will become involved in real situations in organisations where you can applyyour skills, knowledge and understanding of ICT to solve problems for a client. An organisation isdefined as any group of people who use ICT to achieve their aims and objectives. Examples of anorganisation include a local company, a retailer, a school or college, a charity, a club or society, or justa group of people coming together to organise an event.

It is quite acceptable for you to work in a team for the same client, if that is what is required for thework being undertaken.

The team could consist of two or more students working with one or more members from the clientorganisation. This approach is encouraged if it allows students to become involved in larger morerealistic projects where each student can work on part of a system.

Using software

The project should involve you using applications software for a variety of purposes and should alsointroduce you to the fundamentals of project management.

You will be expected to make full use of the functionality available in word processing software for the production of the project report and, if required, to enable collaborative working.

The project should encourage you to think creatively, innovatively, analytically, logically and criticallyas you consider and suggest alternative approaches, investigate and discuss possibilities, andrecommend actions to be taken.

You will produce a project report that will be assessed internally by the school, to the criteria providedin this specification. The school’s assessment will then be moderated by AQA. For this reason,although collaborative working is encouraged, it is imperative that assessors are able to identify your own contribution, and you must produce your own project report.

Further project ideas

http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/attachment.php?attachmentid=199703&d=1361712975#_Toc264663285 19/11/2015, 13


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