Essay Correction Symbols Pdf

Correction Symbols for Editing

Following are editing symbols commonly used by writers and editors.


incorrect abbreviationsubfaulty subordination
absttoo abstracttrans transition
adadjective/adverb confusionvarsentence variety
agrsubject/verb agreementvberror in verb form


awkward stylewcpoor word choice
capronoun casewrwrite out word
compfaulty comparisonwwwrong word
cscomma splice. / ? / !insert punctuation
dmdangling modifier,insert comma


fragment;insert semi-colon
fsfused or run on sentence:

insert colon

glossee glossary"insert quote marks
grobvious grammatical error'insert apostrophe 
levinappropriate level of usage: too colloquial or too fancy


insert hyphen
logfaulty logic... / () / [] /insert punctuation
mmmisplaced modifier//faulty parallelism
passawkward use of passive verb
|separate words
perror in punctuation/do not capitalize
reffaulty pronoun referencexcareless error
repundesirable repetition?illegible or unclear
r-orun-on or fused sentence

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