Hunger Games Essay Thesis

Survivor: Panem.

At the end of the day, The Hunger Games is about, um, the Hunger Games, and the Hunger Games are all about survival. You'll have to fight off psychotic rivals, VR wildfires, poisonous insects, genetically engineered dogs, and other fun stuff that the Capitol dreams up to try to kill the contestants. With the deck stacked that high against you, how can you possibly come out alive? Unless you're a Career, professionally trained and insanely confident, you can't like your odds.

Even outside of the Games, there's a battle for survival going on. The Games are just an extreme version of the daily struggle in the poor Districts of Panem, where death by starvation or mine explosion is always a distinct possibility. And it's just not physical survival that's at stake. As Peeta suggests, he'd rather die on his feet than live on his knees. When the two of them finally make it out alive, it's their psychological and spiritual survival that's almost more thrilling than the fact that they're both still in one piece.

Meanwhile, even the last, strongest Career has been voted off the island by a pack of mutant dogmonsters. Even Jeff Probst couldn't think up a challenge like that.

Take a peek at these thesis statements. Agree or disagree?

Survival here is literal life-or-death.

The film's really about psychological survival in the face of oppression.

A thesis for The Hunger Games would depend on which aspect of the book you want to discuss. For example, if you wanted to show how government grows to oppress the individual, you might discuss the Capitol's reaction to District 13's rebellion; to keep the other Districts in line, they create gladiator-like games using children. One thesis might read: "Increasing government control over the individual leads to human-rights violations and institutionalized oppression."

Another theme is freedom of choice; although Katniss's sister is chosen for the Games, Katniss makes the deliberate choice to take her place, even though it means she might die. Similarly, at the end of the book, Katniss chooses to defy the unfairly changing rules and commit suicide with Peeta; although the Gamemakers relent and they survive, she shows that she is more willing to die on her own terms than be forced to kill for their entertainment. A good thesis for this topic might be: "Although freedom of choice is limited by laws, it empowers the individual to reject immoral controls and make decisions based on personal responsibility."

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