5000 Words Dissertation Topics

Under no circumstance do I recommend you to write 5000 words every 24 hours on a long-term basis because it leads to serious ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome and a loss of interest.

As a writer myself, I do realize the need for meeting deadlines and if you are in a ‘fix’, use my personal tried and tested strategy to write 5000 words in 24 hours but don’t practice it daily.


You don’t need any apps or software to do this. Just plain old time management and common sense is enough.

Here you go:

1. No Emailing or Facebook!

Don’t check emails or log in to social networks for the next 24 hours. They are a BIG distraction.

If it’s a must, answer emails and check updates before starting work and that too within 30 minutes or less.

2. Divide & Arrange Topics

You have a bunch of topics to write. Divide the topics into separate categories. For instance, 5 articles may be on health, 2 on social media and so on.

Dividing the topics make it easier because thoughts and concepts flow fluidly and you type faster.

3. Research Online

Research is time consuming. Take each category / topic and keep the research material ready in advance.

If you use Google Chrome browser, use the One Tab extension. The application converts all the open tabs in a list. When you need them again, it either restores the whole list or any particular link.

Once done, keep the necessary tabs open and go off the Internet completely. Alternately, if your work entails reading eBooks and whitepapers, download them on the system and switch off Internet.

Do not go online unless all the work is done or something really urgent comes up.

4. Time the Articles

Since you want to write 5000 words in 24 hours, I am assuming that you do have good typing speed.

All you need to do is time the articles. With good typing speed, it won’t take more than an hour to research and write 500 words.

Therefore, you can write 5000 words in 10 hours flat. Don’t bother to edit and proofread them as of now.

5. Take Breaks

Take a 15 minute break every 2 hours or a 10 minute break every hour. It is a must. You should not write at a stretch for long. You will stress out sooner.

Once you have completed writing 5000 words, switch off the computer and take break for an hour.

6. Return to Edit / Proofread

Depending on your writing skills, you will do either of the two. Take 10-15 minutes to edit or proofread every batch of 500 words.

7. Zip it!

Once done, zip it or attach individually and email them.

Did you actually Write 5000 Words?

Yes, you did.

Calculate yourself.

  • Checking emails and social updates – 30 minutes
  • Online research – 60 minutes
  • 10 x 500 words @ 1 post per hour = 10 hours
  • 10-minute break every hour = 100 minutes
  • 15 minutes x 10 @ 500 words each = 150 minutes

Total time spent equals 940 minutes or 16 hours approx. You still have 8 hours left.

Unless there is any urgency, I repeat again, do not try to write 5000 words daily.

What are your thoughts?

These tips come strongly recommended from me and my business associate Jitendra Vaswani, the Founder of Digiexe.com, a SEO training institute in Jaipur.

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What is 5000 Words in Pages?

A lot of people want to know the word to page conversions; because this gives them an idea of how much they have to write and how to plan the time they commit to their paper accordingly.

Whether you want to know how many pages is 6000 words or 5000 words, there are a few factors you must first consider:

  • How is your paper formatted?
  • Is it single-spaced or double-spaced?
  • What size font?
  • What are the margins?

These questions must be answered before you can have any idea how many pages you need to write. However, there is a certain standard that most instructors will request.

Standard Structure:

  • 1-inch margins on all size
  • 12-point font
  • Arial or Times New Roman font
  • Double-spaced

Of course, this can vary depending on the teacher or the institution, so make sure you read all the instructions as carefully as possible. Assuming your paper needs to follow this standard format, 6000 words is around 22 pages, and a 5000 word essay is about 19 pages.

If this seems like a lot to write, you’re not alone! Many students wait until the last minute to start an assignment, or they don’t realize that they need to do so much work. That’s where we come in! We are a world-class essay writing service that can meet any deadline and complete as many pages as you need! We have university-educated experts in all fields, meaning that no matter your topic, we are able to write a solid paper that is sure to get top grades!

Not only do we offer custom papers, we want to do everything we can for you to succeed, so we also offer expert tips on our website, free of charge.

How Long Is 5000 Words? How Long Will It Take Me to Write?

It depends largely on the amount of research required in addition to your typing speed and writing abilities. Our highly experienced professionals can write about 1000 words/hour. That’s our secret! We hire such qualified individuals that work so efficiently that we can meet tight deadlines and still offer the lowest possible prices!

Not everyone is a writing expert, though, so it would take most people a lot longer to complete a paper of this length. In fact, most students will start weeks in advance and work well over 40 hours on an academic task such as this one.

If you want to know what is 5000 words in pages, it probably means that you are wondering how much time you need to complete your assignment. It’s likely going to take about 20-40 hours, though if you don’t have the time to create your essay, it’s not too late! Buzzessay.com is here for you!

Tips for Writing 6000 Words or More

Since we are determined for you to prosper in school, our experts want to provide tips for staying sane while writing longer papers.

Follow These Tips to Ensure Success:

  • Start early. It’s important to begin thinking about your topic of choice as soon as you know about the assignment. If possible, don’t leave it until the last minute.
  • Don’t worry about proofreading until the end. You can always go back and edit, but if you have something you want to include, do it and then revise later.
  • Organize your ideas before starting to write. Make sure you have done all your research and have created an outline. This will definitely speed up the process.
  • Don’t repeat yourself to meet the required word count. How long is 5000 words? It’s very long, but don’t let this make you sacrifice quality. Repetitions will not go unnoticed by your professor.
  • Try to eat well and stay hydrated while working on your schoolwork. It may sound silly, but you need to make sure that you have energy and are properly nourished to create solid arguments in your paper.

If You Have to Write a 5000 Word Essay, We Are Here to Help!

Understanding how much you need to write is essential before starting to work on an essay. This will help you allot the appropriate amount of time, and understand how much research and discussion is required. Usually, an essay of this length needs support from literature. At Buzzessay.com, we have access to thousands of databases, including peer-reviewed journals; we also understand all citation styles including APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian, and more!

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