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Painting rocks is such a great hobby to share with your kids, and getting them into it will most likely be easier than you think!

If they know nothing about this activity, a great way to introduce it would be by telling them about the “finding” part of the game first. Explain that there are colorful painted rocks hiding outside every time you take a nature walk/hike, and all they have to do is find them. (These rocks can be found everywhere however; malls, parks, schools, restaurants, etc… but you may want to leave that as a surprise for when they finally find their first rock!)

This will encourage your kids to take walks outdoors, adding exercise to their day in the form of a unique treasure hunt, and they’ll also be spending more time with you doing something that you both enjoy. Not to mention, it’s pretty fun for us adults as well!

Once you’re both hooked on the idea of searching for these rocks, your kids will be excited to find out that you’ll be painting and hiding them as well! I like to show them some of the pictures that others have posted, explain how it works, and come up with a theme of our own. I wouldn’t think to much about this part, just let the creativity flow. Allow your kids to make whatever they want, and sometimes they may even inspire you! No matter what you paint, it will make someone’s day to find and re-hide your rock, and they will love it regardless! Whoever does find it will most likely post a picture of it online as well, so don’t forget to add your personal label and hashtag to the back of your rock so they know it’s yours!

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Coming up with a unique name is another fun task for your family to brainstorm, and creating your own hashtag makes it truly personal and unique to you. It also allows you to track your rocks as others find and move them from place to place, which adds so much enjoyment to this hobby. You can actually see the happiness you’ve spread, and how it effects others, which is a reward in its own. A lot of the time kids love the idea that other families will be looking for rocks they’ve painted, because it’s their own little creation and they’re happy to share. This is a great lesson about giving something personal to others, and how good that can feel. They will probably have a bunch of ideas right away, and immediately want to jump in. Here are some things that I can suggest to get you prepared!

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This fun activity becomes a part of your life very quickly and suddenly everything will be about painting, hiding and finding rocks! With so much going on in the world, now is our chance to spend as much time as we can with friends and family. Getting the kids involved is just another way to bring everyone’s interests together, and share in something positive for once. Some of us may wonder where the world is heading, considering how divided we’ve become lately. Well, it all starts with us. Take control by doing a small act of kindness each day, even if it’s something simple like painting rocks, it’s still something, and that makes it very much worth it in the end.

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  • What kind of paint is best?

Bright acrylic paints work well. And when I say bright, I mean BRIGHT! Trust me, this makes the difference! Do you want to create a truly remarkable and dynamic stone? Or just a sort of "blah" one? I thought so! Martha Stewart offers acrylic paints in bright, dynamic hues. If you don't have bright paints, you can always add white to your regular colors to lighten and brighten them up.

  • How should I start painting?

You can always outline your picture with a fine-point marker, and then fill in with regular paint. If you really want to "cheat," you can use highlighter markers and tell people it's paint. Highlighters will work well on a very light colored stone. Shhh . . .you didn't hear it here)! Both markers and marker paints come in cool metallic colors, too! Using a silver marker on a dark stone creates an interesting look. Personally, I prefer light color stones with bright color paint.

If you want a painted background on your stone, be sure to use two coats of paint, allowing the first coat to dry completely before adding the second. Then you can start your actual "picture" after the second coat of paint dries. You must have patience! Little kids don't, of course, so you can just let them go ahead and start painting on the stone.

Some people like to paint a white background on a dark stone, for a really cool look. A black background also creates a very interesting look. Just be sure to paint your picture on top with a bright color, such as bright yellow.

  • What else can I use besides paint?

You can utilize mixed media on your stone by gluing on material, magazine cut-outs, and sequins. You can even stick on some stickers!

  • What should I draw or paint on my stone?

The possibilities are limitless! Animals are popular, such as cats, owls, fish, birds, ladybugs, butterflies and dragonflies, turtles, caterpillars, frogs, flowers, and suns. There are also holiday designs such as snowmen and pumpkins, hearts for Valentine's Day, or why not turn an egg-shaped stone into a pretty decorated egg, for Easter?

Here's an idea for Valentine's Day: Make that special someone a pet rock with a heart painted on the side and a Valentine that says, "YOU ROCK!"

Most importantly, have fun!! This is art so remember there are no limits to what you can do. Get out there and create!

P.S. The video below is really beautiful and fascinating. Maybe you'll get some ideas from it!


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