History Of City Planning A Bibliography

Here is a selection of topical research guides to UC Berkeley library and web resources for planning research. For additional topics please the complete list of guides.

Print Guides

  • The Citizen's guide to planning, by Christopher J. Duerksen, C. Gregory Dale, and Donald L. Elliott. 4th ed. Chicago: American Planning Association, 2009. Good straight forward introduction to city planning.
  • Doing urban research, by Gregory D. Andranovich, Gerry Riposa. Sage Publications, 1993. Focuses on some of the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to conduct research about cities. Includes research design and data collection.
  • Information sources in urban and regional planning: a directory and guide to reference materials, by Edward E. Duensing. Center for Urban Policy Research, 1994. An annotated guide to the planning literature. Lists planning organizations, organized by discipline. Covers titles published since 1979.
  • Social science reference sources: a practical guide, by Tze-chung Li. 3rd ed. Greenwood Pr., 2000. Approximately one third of the volume covers social sciences in general. The rest of the volume is devoted to the social science subdisciplines, including geography, economics, and sociology. Contains approximately 1,600 entries. 

307 Communities

   307.1  Planning + Development

      307.12  Planning

         307.1216  City planning

    307.2  Movement of people to, from, within communities

    307.3  Structure

      307.33 Community Sociology

    307.4 Redevelopment

333 Economics of land and energy

   333.73 Land

      333.7313 Land use

      333.7317 Zoning

354.35 Urban Land

   354.353 Land use planning

385 Railroad transportation

386 Inland waterway & ferry transportation

387 Water, air, space transportation

388 Transportation Ground transportation

   388.4 Local transportation

690 Buildings

691 Building material

692 Auxiliary contruction practices

693 Specific materials & purposes

710 Landscaping & area planning

711 Area planning (Civic art)



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