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This is a degree that many students dream to win but only few realistically make their dreams come true. The professional world requires MBA qualified individuals who are passionate and intelligent enough to boost business benefits in every way. You can have a look at various assignment samples to understand different structures and format types of an assignment.


Your MBA courses are already tough and demanding in different ways. On the top you are assigned with a topic to make an assignment on almost every week. We understand that making these assignments may not be possible for you every time for countless genuine reasons. Looking at a sample may not even do any good if there is not enough time left but these samples are always a great help. A few reasons for your un solved problems are these;

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  • If you are an ESL then writing down any assignment would be a difficult thing for you.
  • Your university provided assignment structure seems difficult to follow?
  • Are you going through a hard time because you never seen a sample paper before?
  • Some students are doing part time jobs and cannot take time out to work on their topics.
  • The topics selection part is the first and the most difficult step of all.

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MBA Hospitality Management

Making careers in the hotel industry is just like a dream career that every student dreams for. The ever emerging opportunities in this specific field of profession will always attract the students. Since competition is tough, not every MBA degree holder gets lucky enough to make an interesting topic. Only those who study various samples win their degree with flying colors. If you want to ask for any sort of help regarding your MBA assignment’s hospitality management course then feel free to contact us for any sample work.

We can Provide You Fresh MBA Assignment Samples On The Below Mentioned sub-categories

MBA Tourism management

Tourism is an evergreen industry that has a format of diversity in the entire world. Development and research in this industry has taken the profit margins and revenues high up on the sky. This is the reason why your research, knowledge and skills would be a great help if you are writing a paper related to tourism industry. Looking at a sample paper would definitely do some good. We can get all your problems solved if you use our live chat facility to ask for assistance.

MBA Human Resource Management

Workforce issues need to be solved and HRM is responsible for that. Assignments related to HRM are often assigned to students during their studies in the university. They are always looking for some topics in this niche of business administration. Since there has already been countless papers, dissertations, theses and sample research papers written on the subject, you have a lot of references and inspirations to help yourself.

MBA Finance and Accounts

Solved Financial matters guarantee a company’s prosperity. The students good with numbers should only select finance and accounts as their MBA majors but you may randomly be assigned the task to write an assignment on finance during a compulsory elective course. Sooner or later Finance and accounting help will become inevitable because you may end up reaching the deadline without a proper topic.

MBA Banking

Banking is the choice of majority of the students pursuing their MBA degrees. Probably because it is easy, less competitive and career oriented profession promising field. You may be very good at making bank reconciliation statements and other relevant work but writing an assignment topic would require you to get help from samples.

MBA Marketing

Most of the students focus the area of marketing studies for their research work and research paper. This is one of the most demanding area subjects when it comes to academic writing in Australia. It is mostly because there have been countless research work done in the area subject with different structures and format types that writing a unique assignment topic is not possible without reviewing a few samples.

MBA Supply Chain Management

Any business structure needs a format of sources to locate it’s assets. The most emerging field in more than half of the business world is supply chain management. Unlike other niches of study in business administration this area has a lot to offer to students. This is the reason why students with supply chain courses ask for samples or topics help the most.

MBA Aviation Management

Uncommon amongst students yet one of the most emerging fields in almost all the developed countries. Your assignment topic can be different, custom and quite easy if you are writing on aviation management. You may only require help from a sample paper to format your work. Use our live chat facility to discuss further if your problem is still not solved.

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Expert tutors at myassignmenthelp provide professional help in marketing project, marketing questions, marketing case studies, marketing thesis and marketing dissertation to school, college and university students. We also provide custom help in creating relevant and effective marketing plan by providing marketing plan sample to students. We have a large resource of sample marketing plan taken from top MBA University and colleges. Our experts specialize in the Advertising case study, marketing essay, marketing strategy case study, marketing plan case study and marketing research question.

What is marketing?

According to our online Marketing experts, Marketing is the process of investigating, creating and distributing goods and services to fulfill the demand of target market. It is an essential step of any business plan that is handled by a department within the firm. The main aim of marketing is to satisfy customers with quality products.

Marketing is usually misunderstood as selling of products. But Selling is just a small part of marketing cycle. Selling involves attracting customers to buy the products, whereas Marketing includes research, investigation of present market, creation of goods, marketing strategy, customers attraction, building reputation and fulfilling demand of customers. Marketing is mainly a long term business plan that requires proper ideas for enforcement. Hence, the main goal of marketing is to research or sense the unfulfilled demand of customers and then develop a new, reliable, quality and satisfactory solutions. So, Marketing starts before the launch of product and continues even after the product is distributed in the targeted market.

What is the need for marketing plan?

Marketing plan is important for any firm, whether small or big. It is though a time-consuming task that requires creative, trained and hard-working manpower but a good marketing plan helps in success of business organization. Some of the advantages of marketing plan are listed below:

  1. It helps to reach the target customers.
  2. Makes it easy for you to discover the demand of present market.
  3. Helps in investigation about your competitors.
  4. Makes it easy for you to provide reason to the customers about the benefits of using your product over any other similar items.
  5. Optimal use of resources
  6. Helps to keep control over the business
  7. Plan the progress of the firm.
  8. Save time and money.
  9. Reduce risk and increase sale.

Formulating Marketing plan sets-up vision for development of company in forthcoming days. Though most of the business organization find is impractical to invest time in this part of business planning, but in today’s competitive world; without a proper marketing plan, development of business is likely to be ceased.

What is marketing strategy?

The definition of marketing strategy states that “Marketing strategy is a market research that focus on right product mix to achieve maximum profit potential and sustain the business with minimum expenses.” Explaining it further; Marketing strategy deals with the formulation of short term as well as long term activities of the company that help in analyzing the situation of the company in order to formulate a well-defined plan that is in alignment with the groups marketing objectives. Hence, this include Expenses budget, Sale forecast, SWOT analysis and Competitive analysis.

Expenses budget is a budget planning made for the expenses that is likely to take place in a business. Likewise, Sale forecast is the estimation of sales that a company plan to make in future, most probably for a fiscal year. This is done in order to make a beneficial decision for company progress. SWOT analysis is the study conducted for identification of strength, flaw, prospect and threats prevalent within or outside the organization. Further, Competitive analysis is about the position that a firm establishes in the targeted market with respect to its competitors. Finally, competitive analysis is about how well you are able to develop a position in the competitive market. It includes study on target market, customers, competitors, your product value and many more.

Therefore, some of the benefits of marketing strategy are:

  1. Creation of product that allows to build a sustainable place in the target market.
  2. Helps to place a right price for the product.
  3. Make effective planning on distribution channel for the product.
  4. It helps to check suitable mediums for publicizing the product.
  5. Once a proper marketing strategy is planned, it becomes easier for different departments of an organization to communicate on the proposed plan.

What is marketing mix?

Marketing mix is the ideas or strategies that is used by company for Promotion of their product. It includes 4P’s of marketing that is Price, Promotion, Place and Product.

Price: The value that is assigned to the product is termed as price. The price of product includes all the expenses right from the production of product to its distribution.

Product: Product refers to the manufactured item. Hence, a quality product can occupy a good market position.

Place: Choosing correct places for promotion of a product is also one of the essential strategy for marketing.

Promotion: Advertising the product and choosing a suitable platform in order to tell consumers about the benefit of using the product comes under the promotional strategy of marketing.

Our online marketing tutors provide you marketing homework help in 4P’s of marketing that includes all the details to compose an informative homework on marketing.

Marketing Project, Marketing Thesis, Marketing Dissertation, Marketing Essay and Market Research Help

Our experts are experienced in handling multiple marketing project at a time. They are professionals and have gathered tremendous experience by writing many marketing dissertations, marketing essay and marketing thesis. They conduct proper marketing research before approaching any marketing thesis. Rest assured, your marketing project will be given to industry's best experts who will give you custom feedback and help on the thesis, dissertation or case study that you are facing problems with.

Why is Business goal important?

Every business starts with certain aims and objectives. Hence, Business goal outlines the planning about what a firm supposes to accomplish over a period of time. This is done in order to boost the development of company and maintain co-ordination between every working members.

Some of the advantages of business goal are:

  1. Helps in decision making process of the firm.
  2. Every member linked to the company will know what the company desire to achieve and they will work accordingly.
  3. Setting up business goal and then explaining it to the team makes it easy for members to plan their work in order to step ahead toward the company goal.
  4. Therefore, business goal play a key role in development of firm.

A brief overview on areas of marketing is provided below:

1. Research

It is a broader area of marketing. Research is very important before the manufacture of product and even continues after its distribution. Research includes the demand of target market, information about the competitors, quality that is required in the product, market position of the product, customers review and many more. Therefore, good market research helps to make an accurate decision and hence, contribute in the progress of firm.

2. Advertising

A basic meaning of advertising is to choose suitable platform to promote the product or make advertisement that can attract the consumers. Advertising includes a proficient graphic designer, marketing manager to plan and execute the ideas on advertising and an account handler in order to communicate with clients regarding any issues if faced.

3. Direct marketing

It is an effective way of marketing where you can target right people for advertising your product. It is done through messages, emails, pamphlet, fliers etc.

4. Public relation

The strategies adapted to enhance the name of the company using different media platform in order to maintain a good relationship with the public or consumers is termed as public relation. This area includes producing press release, arranging different corporate events etc.

5. Customer service

Customer service include the image that consumers have for the firm. Taking their queries and providing an appropriate solution is the main idea behind customer service. A good customer service helps to maintain a reputable image of the company.

This list provide ideas on few areas of marketing. There are number of sub-areas in every of this section. Hence, we provide you immediate marketing project making help on all the proposed areas and sub-areas of this field.

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Questions related to marketing strategy could be tricky at times and students might face problem while solving it, which often result in the frustration and ultimately poor grades of the students. Tutors at myassignmenthelp are well capable of handling these kind of situations, they offer personalized help to the students with complete feedback and stepwise step analysis.

Marketing Plan Sample, Marketing Case Studies, Advertising Case Study Help

Marketing plan sample has many aspects depending upon the nature of the marketing case studies. For example: it may involve consumer research, customer relationship management, and advertising case study. Our tutors emphasize on the structure of the case study and marketing plan by analyzing the content or topic step by step.

Following are some of the marketing subjects in which we provide help.

Competency Demonstration Report


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