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At Wellfield we believe that every student should receive the same consideration that we would want for our own children. We want the very best for each and every one of them. In creating this ethos for individual success, we establish clear boundaries, high aspirations, creative solutions and the genuine enjoyment that comes from the joy of learning and the pride of achievement and success.

We are dedicated to the successful development of each individual child. We really know our students! Being a smaller than average community school means we get to know and understand far more about your children on a personal level. A welcoming smile on the gate and a personalised ‘Good morning’ allows the students to feel known and cared for as individuals, enabling them to settle into the Wellfield family faster. Building strong relationships, however, is not just about the students. At Wellfield we make it our business to get to know our parents very quickly as well, and they us. This is a real strength that helps to support your children throughout their years at secondary school.  



What is Homework for?

Make sure you write down clearly what your homework is in your student academic diary. If you're not sure, check the Show My Homework or ask the teacher who set it. Homeworkcan include opportunities for your to work independently including work you have not finished or missed from missed through absence.

When should I give it in?
Write in your academic diary when the work is due in. check your diary every evening to make sure you have time to complete it.

Where else can I get information?

Books, magazines, newspapers, television, radio, and the wealth of resources on the internet etc. You could use any of these to get useful information.

Where should I do my homework?

Try to find a quiet place with no distractions (no television, mobile off, games console off). This could be at home or at school.



�         Students who regularly complete homework are more successful in exams because they have developed more self-discipline and organisational skills.

�         Presentation is important. Always do your homework as carefully as you can. 


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