Ontela Picdeck Case Study Solution Report

Ontela PicDeck Case Memo

MKTG 3301

Sarah Dierker


1. Introduction/Key Issues

Technology start-up Ontela has developed PicDeck, which allows users to transfer images from their mobile phones onto computers, email accounts, and other networked devices. The service is less complex and simpler than other existing methods of photo transfers, and Ontela believes the service has great potential. Ontela does not sell PicDeck to the end consumer, the subscriber, but to a wireless carrier who then markets to their customers.  

Ontela is working to find a strong positioning strategy for the PicDeck service. The company needs to determine a target audience that is profitable and provides opportunities for themselves and the wireless carriers using PicDeck.

This report will analyze the segmentation of the market and the opportunities that each market segment provides. Recommendations will be provided as to which positioning strategy is the strongest for Ontela, as well as an analysis of the current situation.

2. Recommendations

Positioning statement: For young professionals everywhere, Ontela PicDeck provides a simple and reliable method for transferring images from a mobile phone to any networked device or email inbox to help simplify your busy life in a way that no other service can.

Of the three different personas created, Steve, the young professional, has the most potential and growth possibilities. The PicDeck service will allow users to seamlessly send images anywhere, speeding us business processes and helping them to ease the stress and business of day-to-day life.

In marketing their product to young professionals, Ontela should stress PicDeck’s convenience, reliability, and simplicity. While these young professionals may have some interest in technology, they do not have nearly as much exposure to it as the younger generation, and ease of use is important to them. The end goal, easy transfer of photos, is more important to market than the new technology that PicDeck uses.

Ontela must also market PicDeck as a tool and investment in the customers’ career. It is a service that will enhance their professional lives and make their jobs easier. While PicDeck has many social uses and could be marketed as a social product, its use in the professional world will be the core feature.

These young professionals provide a large opportunity as PicDeck customers to both Ontela and to the wireless carriers using the PIcDeck service. Young professionals have a higher spending power than many other groups as well as a willingness to pay for services that will improve their professional and social lives. This allows Ontela to charge a higher sum for the PicDeck service, and allows the wireless carriers to have a high profit margin on the service as well.  Use of the PicDeck service will also greatly increase data usage, thereby further increasing profits for the wireless carriers. The multiple opportunities that PicDeck provides to wireless carriers will help Ontela in marketing the service.


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