Financial Advisor Personal Statement

Personal Financial Advisor Resume Objectives

Clients rely on personal financial advisors to provide knowledge of investment strategies, tax information, pension plans and real estate. Use your resume to emphasize your knowledge of financial strategies and practices, as well as your customer service skills. The objective statement of your resume will be the first thing that a prospective employer reads. Construct a confident, focused statement to highlight your qualifications and compel the reader to take action.

What The Personal Financial Advisor Resume Objective Should Tell Prospective Employers

The journey to becoming a successful financial advisor requires mastery of core competencies and specialized knowledge to help an organization outrank its competitors. It is essential that candidates can assess a client’s complete financial status, including assets, tax status, liabilities and goals. Successful advisors also demonstrate the ability to think strategically, engage customers, use critical assessment and communicate effectively. Your resume should highlight accounting knowledge, mastery of client relations, reasoning skills and analytical abilities. Communication skills should include both effective speech and technical writing. The right combination of talents and qualities will convince hiring managers that you are the best-qualified candidate for the position.

Sample Personal Financial Advisor Objectives

Always include the name of the company in your objective statement to demonstrate genuine interest in working there. Here are a few examples of statements:

1. Organized, results-oriented professional with exceptional knowledge of financial strategies, marketing practices and client relations seeks position with ABC company as Personal Financial Advisor.

2. Seeking position with ABC company as Personal Financial Advisor that enables use of skills in market analysis, strategic investments and financial assessment to support growth of client base.

3. Motivated, charismatic professional with 8+ years experience providing financial assessment, portfolio management and strategic development seeks Personal Financial Advisor position with ABC company.

4. Obtain a Junior Personal Financial Advisor position with ABC company to support mutual growth and success through use of skills in critical assessment, client relations and financial planning.

5. Seeking position as Personal Financial Advisor with ABC company that enables utilization of exceptional knowledge of financial analysis, technical communication and strategic marketing.

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I have chosen to apply for the course in finance and business because I'm particularly
interested in the subject, and I also believe great career choices come with it. There are
several reasons why I am so enthusiastic about the subject, one of them being the fact, that
it's one of the most important sectors, and its overall good condition is necessary for every
society to flourish and prosper. I'm convinced that especially nowadays the world needs highly
trained and educated business professionals who can do business effectively and successfuly. I
think one of the most crucial traits, among others, that business people need, is common
sense. They also need to be experienced and familiar with their field. My personal qualities,
that I assume might help me in my studies, are diligence, enthusiasm, ingenuity, adaptability,
creativity and confidence. As a participant of a foreign exchange program in the USA last year
(2009-2010), I was able to take a few business classes, such as Stock Market, Financial
Planning and Economics. I enjoyed them tremendously, and have partly based my decision to
choose a career in this field on my exceptionally positive experience in the classes. I have
also actively started doing research and collect as much information as possible on investing,
stock market, economics, etc. I have taken a great pleasure doing it and I watch business
channels such as CNBC and read business papers on a daily basis. Reading several books, namely
by Warren Buffet and others has provided me with a better understanding of the subject as
well. I have created my own stock portfolio which I can't wait to put into action. I think my
foreign exchange experience would be the best demonstration of the qualities that I mentioned
above. During the year I have participated in the BPA (Business Professionals of America)
contest, and I have placed second in the Marketing, Public Relations and Human Resources,
regional round, Dallas-Fort Worth area in my age category, a high school senior. My excellent
grades have also enabled me to become a member of Junior Latin Honor Society and I was awarded
a medal for academic excellence for English and US Government by Mansfield Timberview High
School, Arlington, TX. These are the achievements that I am most particularly proud of. My
hobbies are reading, music, movies, travelling and fashion. I love culture and I am very much
interested in it. I also like to ski and swim. The reason why I want to study at a college in
the UK is the great number of courses they offer, and a possibility to opt for the one that
would fit my needs and interests best. I have been also greatly interested in the British
culture since a very young age and would love to experience it first hand. My stay in America
has greatly contributed to my experience with the English language. Since I was away from home
for ten months, in a completely English speaking school and community, I was compelled to use
it exclusively. I also took several English classes here in Slovakia for a couple of years. My
travels across the US and other countries have been a great way of practicing and perfecting
my English speaking skills. I am convinced that a course in English would not be a problem for
me at all. After completing my studies I would love to get a job in the field, especially as a
stock broker, market analyst or a financial adviser. I am also interested in getting an
internship and working for a company part-time, which I am sure together with a college
education would greatly enrich my skills and expertise I will need when I apply for a real


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