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In the play, Fences, Troy seems to have a complicated relationship with every other character in the play. This applies especially to his relationship with his son, Cory. Troy and Cory have many similarities and differences that complicate their relationship. There are many outside factors that also make matters worse.

One of the differences that complicate their relationship is that they have grown up in completely different time periods. A great deal has happened between the times when Troy was growing to the time period that Cory is growing up in. This issue itself causes many other concerns. For instance, Cory is a very talented athlete. He would like to play football in college and would probably receive a scholarship…show more content…

Troy said Cory would be better off not going to football practice and working at the A&P store instead. Cory tries to reason with Troy by giving him examples of how African American athletes can be successful, Cory says, "The Braves got Hank Aaron and Wes Covington. Hank Aaron hit two home runs today. That makes forty-three." But still, Troy refuses to see any opportunity and tell Cory, "Hank Aaron ain't nobody."

This situation makes me wonder if he is actually scared that Cory will be an amazing athlete and will be better than him. Troy maybe jealous that his son has opportunities to succeed that he never had, no matter how great of an athlete he was, he could have never made it to the pros because of his skin color. Now his son is being recruited by professional teams to play for them. Troy may be against this because he doesn't want his son to be able to live the dream that he was never able to live. This makes their father son relationship very interesting. It is said that fathers typically want their sons to be better off then they are, especially not very wealthy people. You would think in this situation Troy would support Cory in what he wants to do and be happy for him that he has such wonderful opportunities. Troy maybe be acting like this because Troy still lives in a dream world and still thinks he a great base ball player. He has trouble accepting that his

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Troy Maxson is a man who thinks he is a failure but finds it hard to admit. Troy is a middle age black garbage man who feels held back by the “white man”. “Why you got the white men driving and colored lifting?” (p.9). the quotation mentioned is an example of how Troy feels he will never amount to anything because he is a black man in the “white man’s world”. Therefore, Troy limits his goals in life. Maintaining a job, having a roof over his head, and food on the table is Troy’s idea of success. This is his idea of success because he has accomplished this while having a hard life. Troy fences himself into his own little world where there is no room for anyone to question or judge him. Meanwhile Troy’s bitterness towards the…show more content…

The white man isn’t going to let him get nowhere with that football” (p. 14). Troy does not like that idea of Cory playing football because he thinks the “white man” will hold him back from his true potential as a football player. Troy thinks Cory should put his efforts into something that he can use in the world. “You go on and get your book-learning so you can work yourself up in that A&P or learn how to fix cars or build houses or something, get you a trade. That way you have something can’t nobody take away from you” (p. 37). Therefore, when Troy learns that a recruiter is due to come by the house, he goes down to the school and tells the football coach that Cory can no longer play football and not to have the recruiter come to the house.

When Cory learns what Troy did, he becomes resentful. Cory’s bitterness towards his father mirrors the bitterness Troy has towards the “white man.” In Act 1, Scene 4, Cory says, “Just because you didn’t have a chance! You just scared I’m going to be better than you that are all” (p.56). I do not think Troy’s intentions are to hurt Cory. I think Troy is protecting Cory’s best interest. Yet, at the same time, I think Troy is protecting himself. If Cory became successful at playing football, Troy would look like a failure because Troy never made it to the major leagues as a baseball player. Therefore, Troy would have to face the fact that it is he who holds himself back rather than


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